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                    Acacia Counseling
           Gene Douglas, M.Ed. LPC LMFT


To treat a problem using TAT, follow these instructions:
1.) Rate the strength of your feeling you are experiencing right now, on a scale of 1-10, when you think of the problem.
That number is the SUD (Subjective Units of Discomfort.)
2.) Put your thumb against the inside corner of one eye. Place the ring finger against the inside corner of the other eye.
3.) Place the middle two fingers against your forehead, about a quarter inch above a line between the eyebrows so the
two fingers are lined up with the upper part of the eyebrow.
4.) Cup the other hand, and place it behind your head, with the thumb against your neck, right where it meets the base of the skull.
The little finger will be pressed against your head where it rests. Don't lay your hand flat against your head.
5.) Close your eyes and think of the feeling or event or person that bothers you. Continue for one minute, or until you feel a "shift"
in your body before that. This may be a reflexive sigh.
6.) Keep your pose, and repeat a statement reminding you of the problem in your mind. It may be a person's name,
a phrase about what happened, or the name of the feeling. Continue repeating for one minute, or until you feel a shift.
7.) Keep the pose, and repeat in your mind a statement which is opposite of the problem -- even if you don't believe it.
This might be "I will feel comfortable when I do that," or "I will feel calm and relaxed," whatever is opposite to what has been the case.
Continue repeating for one minute, or until a shift occurs.
8.) Keep the pose, and concentrate your attention on the part of your body where you feel your feelings. That will be different for different people.
Continue for one minute, or until a shift occurs.
9.) Rate your SUD again.

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Recommended Reading

The Unseen Therapist Within You

There is a process that you already possess, residing in yourself.  This can heal your distress and its symptoms more rapidly and easily than anything you have seen.

To see exactly what this is, go to the following website:

Unseen Therapist

This is a free 94-page book.  You can reduce the number of pages to read by fast-forwarding through the testimonials.  For the "How To" part, start at page 75.

You may want to view the personifying of this resource as a metaphor.  Rather than viewing the Unseen Therapist as "she," you can also view it as a process, which can rapidly wipe away ill feeling, resulting from memories of hurtful events.

Where the medical aspects are concerned, please note the part that says there are no guarantees, and you should consider this experimental.  If you believe a medical condition has improved, consult with your doctor (M.D., D.O., etc.) before you do anything different than before.