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To treat a problem using TAT, follow these instructions:
1.) Rate the strength of your feeling you are experiencing right now, on a scale of 1-10, when you think of the problem.
That number is the SUD (Subjective Units of Discomfort.)
2.) Put your thumb against the inside corner of one eye. Place the ring finger against the inside corner of the other eye.
3.) Place the middle two fingers against your forehead, about a quarter inch above a line between the eyebrows so the
two fingers are lined up with the upper part of the eyebrow.
4.) Cup the other hand, and place it behind your head, with the thumb against your neck, right where it meets the base of the skull.
The little finger will be pressed against your head where it rests. Don't lay your hand flat against your head.
5.) Close your eyes and think of the feeling or event or person that bothers you. Continue for one minute, or until you feel a "shift"
in your body before that. This may be a reflexive sigh.
6.) Keep your pose, and repeat a statement reminding you of the problem in your mind. It may be a person's name,
a phrase about what happened, or the name of the feeling. Continue repeating for one minute, or until you feel a shift.
7.) Keep the pose, and repeat in your mind a statement which is opposite of the problem -- even if you don't believe it.
This might be "I will feel comfortable when I do that," or "I will feel calm and relaxed," whatever is opposite to what has been the case.
Continue repeating for one minute, or until a shift occurs.
8.) Keep the pose, and concentrate your attention on the part of your body where you feel your feelings. That will be different for different people.
Continue for one minute, or until a shift occurs.
9.) Rate your SUD again.

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Acacia Counseling
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A Hypnotic Technique

(Progressive Relaxation)

If you record this, do not play it in a moving automobile.  It could put the driver to sleep.   

If you are doing this in your mind, express it in words to activate both sides of your brain.  If your mind drifts, express it aloud.  It is not necessary to use the exact same words.  

If recording, record the first part (in italics) to give yourself time to get situated.

Just take a comfortable position,  sitting or lying down, with your clothes arranged comfortably.  Belt loose, maybe shoes off, contacts removed, glasses removed, tie and collar loose.  Ear rings removed.

"Now... close your eyes, and imagine your toes... are relaxing.  

The relaxation moves... across the soles of your feet... to your heels.  Your feet... relax.  Relaxation moves... through your ankles... into  your calves.  The calf muscles just... relax.  You even imagine your shins ...relaxing.  Your knees ...relax.

The relaxation... moves into your thighs.  The long, large muscles in the fronts of your thighs, in the backs of your thighs, the insides... and the outsides.  All just ...relaxing

Relaxation moves... into your hips.  Just... letting go.  The relaxation moves... into ...your back.  Your lower back, your middle back, your upper back.  All just...letting go.

Relaxation moves... over the tops... of your shoulders, down... into your chest.  Your upper chest, your lower chest, your abdomen.  Your upper abdomen, your middle abdomen, your lower abdomen, all just ...relaxing.

Your sides...relax.  Feel the relaxation... in the sides... of your ribs.  Just...letting go.

With your attention... on your shoulders again, the relaxation moves down... into your arms.  Your upper arms, your elbows, your forearms, your wrists, your hands, your fingers.  Even imagine... you can feel your fingernails... all just...relaxed.

With your attention again... on your shoulders, the relaxation moves... into your neck.  The sides of your neck, the back of your neck, and up... into your scalp.  The back... of your scalp, the top... of your scalp, all just ...letting go.

Relaxation moves into... your forehead.  Moving down into... your temples, your cheeks, your chin. 

Relaxation moves into... your lips, your nose, your nostrils, all just... letting go.

Relaxation moves into... your eyes.  All around your eyes, your eyebrows, your temples, your cheeks, your eyelids. Even... the tiny muscles... behind your eyes, all just... relaxing deeply.

Your whole face... is very deeply... relaxed.  Your head... is relaxed.  Your brain relaxes, deeper, and deeper... and deeper.  Your mind... is relaxed.

Your memories are ...relaxed.  Your anticipations just... relax.  

You will remain calm... and relaxed... all day long, and all night, from now on.  You will have... a laid back attitude ...toward all things.  

This calm attitude... allows you to take... a problem-solving approach... toward all matters.  You are 
pleasantly amazed... that you can approach problems, tasks, challenges, without... getting the least bit... rattled. 

Instead, you simply... take care of business, in a matter-of-fact, calm, relaxed way.  You approach 
all tasks, problems, challenges, with enthusiasm.  With optimism, from this day forward.

From this time on, you will be able... to rapidly hypnotize yourself... in the following manner.  Sit down... or lie down, close your eyes, and say... or think... the words, "Relax.  Three.  Two. One."  

If is your intention... to be hypnotized, you will instantly become... as deeply relaxed... as you have ever been... in your life.  You will have entered... a very deep state... of hypnosis.  

At that point, you can give yourself... any suggestion you wish, and it will instantly... be totally...and completely... effective.  Afterward, if it is your intention... to sleep, you will sleep... the best sleep you have ever known.  

If... it is your intention... to return normal consciousness, you will count yourself up, and you will feel fine, feel grand, full of energy, feel wonderful... in every way."

(Insert any additional suggestions here.  If your suggestion is complicated, then write it on paper and give it a short title.  In the suggstion above, add "when you think or say the title of the suggestion, that title will represent the whole suggestion, which will immediately be true for you, and will be 100% effective. )  
Then, when you want to use that suggestion, read it from beginning to end, and then notice the title, before hypnotizing yourself with the rapid induction ("Relax, 3-2-1.")  You will always be able to give yourself a hypnotic suggestion by writing out a suggestion to do something, giving it a code name, and then saying that code name while you are hypnotized.

(If planning to sleep, you can stop here.  You may want to insert sleep suggestions found on the "More" menu, on this page, just below this one.  If planning to awaken, continue with the below.)

"Now, I will count to ten.  When I reach the count of ten, you will be wide awake, full of energy, completely alert, feeling grand, feeling wonderful in every way.

Counting for you now.  One. Feel new energy...and alertness... entering your body... through the soles ...of your feet.  

Two.  More and more... new energy, filling your body, through your feet, your legs, your torso, your arms, your head.  

Three.  More and more new energy, filling you up, body, mind and spirit.  A positive, enthusiastic energy.

Four.  More and more new energy, filling you up, faster and faster.  

          (Begin speaking faster.)

Five.  Halfway there.

Six.  More and more... new energy, entering... every cell... of your body.  Filling you ...with optimism, enthusiasm, and alertness.

Seven. New energy everywhere, filling you up... more... and more.

Eight.  Closer and closer.

Nine.  Almost there.

Ten.  Wide awake, completely alert, full of energy.  Feeling grand, feeling wonderful in every way. Open your eyes."

(If you construct suggestions for yourself, avoid using words of negation, such as "not" or "no."  If you do use them, pause for a second, to allow that word to sink in to your mind.  Then follow them with a positive statement of what you WILL do, instead.

Do not give yourself suggestions of the impossible, such as having more than 24 hours in a day, reading minds, seeing the future or seeing at a distance, or being lucky at gambling.  It won't happen, though the illusion of such may be possible.  

If you think you can see the future or see heaven, that will be entertaining, but it won't be real. If you should give yourself the suggestion that you will be lucky at gambling, it is possible you would gamble and continue to do so, even when you are losing, despite evidence of your losses.)

Find sample suggestions starting from "More" at the upper right of the page, then scroll down to "Hypnotic Suggestions," just below this one.

(A deepening suggestion --  To go even deeper, insert the following, just after  "...the best sleep you have ever known.")

Going deeper, and deeper, and deeper into relaxation, with every second that passes.  Deeper, and deeper, and deeper.  Going down, down, deeper into relaxation, with every breath you take.  Relaxing, deeper, and deeper, and deeper.

Now, I am going to count from ten, down to one.  With each count, you will become much, much deeper relaxed, than you were at the count before.   When I reach the count of one, you will be more deeply relaxed than you have ever been in your life. Counting for you now.

Ten.  Going deeper, and deeper relaxed.

Nine.  Going down.  Deeper, and deeper into relaxation.

Eight.  Deeper, and deeper, and deeper.

Seven.  Going down, deeper and deeper, and deeper.

Six.  Relaxing deeper, and deeper than ever before.

Five.  Halfway there.

Four.  Going down.

Three.  Going ever deeper into relaxation.

Two.  Almost there.

One.  Very, very deeply relaxed.  More deeply relaxed than you have ever been before.

Going ever deeper and deeper, with every second that passes.  Going more and more deeply relaxed, with every breath you take.

In a few minutes, there will be a click sound.  That will be the machine...turning itself off.  When that happens, you will instantly become... ten times more deeply relaxed...than you have ever been your life.  

(At this point, you can return to the point where you inserted this, continuing to a section on sleeping, or  a section with a suggestion for your behavior, followed by the section on coming back up.)