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                    Acacia Counseling
           Gene Douglas, M.Ed. LPC LMFT


To treat a problem using TAT, follow these instructions:
1.) Rate the strength of your feeling you are experiencing right now, on a scale of 1-10, when you think of the problem.
That number is the SUD (Subjective Units of Discomfort.)
2.) Put your thumb against the inside corner of one eye. Place the ring finger against the inside corner of the other eye.
3.) Place the middle two fingers against your forehead, about a quarter inch above a line between the eyebrows so the
two fingers are lined up with the upper part of the eyebrow.
4.) Cup the other hand, and place it behind your head, with the thumb against your neck, right where it meets the base of the skull.
The little finger will be pressed against your head where it rests. Don't lay your hand flat against your head.
5.) Close your eyes and think of the feeling or event or person that bothers you. Continue for one minute, or until you feel a "shift"
in your body before that. This may be a reflexive sigh.
6.) Keep your pose, and repeat a statement reminding you of the problem in your mind. It may be a person's name,
a phrase about what happened, or the name of the feeling. Continue repeating for one minute, or until you feel a shift.
7.) Keep the pose, and repeat in your mind a statement which is opposite of the problem -- even if you don't believe it.
This might be "I will feel comfortable when I do that," or "I will feel calm and relaxed," whatever is opposite to what has been the case.
Continue repeating for one minute, or until a shift occurs.
8.) Keep the pose, and concentrate your attention on the part of your body where you feel your feelings. That will be different for different people.
Continue for one minute, or until a shift occurs.
9.) Rate your SUD again.

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Hypnotism -- Alcohol

You have said... that you want to drink... less... alcohol...and that your past efforts... to reduce ...your alcohol intake... have been... difficult.  

Now, you will have a new method, that will work just fine, readily ...and easily.  From this time on, any alcohol you consume ...will have the effect ...of twice... as much.  That is, one beer ...will have the effect... of your having drunk... two beers.  Three beers... will have the effect... of a six pack, and so on.  

This will be a little different, however.  You will experience... only the desirable effects... of alcohol, and none of the un-desirable effects.  i wonder... which effects are desirable you.

Is loss of balance, or coordination... desirable to you?  Is a hangover... desirable?  Is slurring your speech... desirable?  Is developing a foul temper, or being excessively generous... desirable, or having poor desirable?  Or I wonder... if un-consciousness is desirable.  I wonder... if nausea... is desirable.  The choice yours.  

Those effects of alcohol... that you want, will be there.  Those effects... you do not want, will be absent.  

If... you are about to be... embarrassed, the effect... will disappear.  If... you are about do something... dangerous, like driving a car, using fire, smoking in bed, going up... or down stairs, or using a knife... or another tool... that could hurt you, the effect ...will disappear.  If you get into a quarrel, or... are threatened, or if somebody should ask you... for a gift or a loan, or ask you to sign anything, the effect... will disappear.

From this time on, you can consume... half the alcohol it had taken... in the past, and get the desirable effects... of twice as you actually drink.   You will get ...the desirable effects, and none... of the un-desirable effects.  It will cost you... half as much, will be ...only half as harmful... to your health, and will have half... the calories.  Most of the time, it will be... perfectly legal.

That is, Most of the time.  That is, if you should actually consume... a six pack in an hour, you would have the effect... of having consumed... 12 drinks in an hour, and would still be... legally drunk...because the six beers...can do that.  If... you were drunk from the amount you  actually did drink, such as the example... of actually drinking... the whole six pack, then of course, the un-desirable effects would be there.  

However, the effects of this suggestion... will make it very easy... not... to do that.  Because you are getting... twice the effect of the drinking, you will want to drink... half as much... as you otherwise... would have done. And reducing... the negative effects of drinking... will be very easy, from this time on.  

You will be very satisfied, seeing that you are spending... half the money, getting half... the calories, and maybe getting none ...of the side effects, or at least... much less ...of the side effects.  You will be very pleased... that you decrease the danger ...of driving, or using stairs, or using tools, because ...of this suggestion.  And your life... will be happier, because you do not ...cause trouble... from the police, from your family, from your employer... or your friends... or co-workers.  

Everything... is better.